Review: C-Dub’s Hot Wing Rub

On Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to receive a test sample of hot wing rub from Allegra Klett-Wilson of C-Dub’s BBQ Rub (@CDubsBBQRub on Twitter).  Today, I finally had an opportunity to give this rub a test drive.  I was told that this is a spicy rub, and I was certainly not disappointed.

As with all new rubs that I try, I gave this one a naked taste as soon as I brought it in from the mailbox.  WOW!  I immediately get hit by the heat in this rub.  So on an errand this morning, I pick up a small pack of chicken wing drumettes for this test drive.  The drumettes soak in a beer and water brine mixture for about an hour, after which they get a thin layer of olive oil and a generous sprinkling of the hot wing rub.

Wings with C-Dub's Hot Wing Rub

Wings with C-Dub's Hot Wing Rub

I decided to throw these wings on the grill using Kingsford Competition Charcoal Briquettes and cherry wood chips, and on went the wings.

Firing up the Grill

Firing up the Grill

Wings on the Grill

Wings on the Grill

Closeup of the Wings

Closeup of the Wings on the Grill

While the wings were cooking, I had another decision that needed to be made.  I still had some rub left over, and I needed to figure out what to do with it.  And then the answer hit me: HOT WING SAUCE!  So I concocted a quick hot wing sauce using butter, a mild homemade pepper sauce, the remaining hot wing rub, and just a little bit of sour cream.

C-Dub's BBQ Rub

Leftover rub

Sauce in Progress

Hot Wing Sauce in progress

After about 25 minutes on the grill, the wings came off and got saucy.

The final product

Wings after saucing

As I took my first bite, I noticed that the rub did not overpower the chicken at all but complemented it really well.  As I took another bite, I wondered if the rub had a different effect when applied to food as opposed to a “naked taste”.  By bite #5, I found the heat.  It was a slow building heat that swelled to a dramatic crescendo in my mouth and on my lips.  It was a sweet, sweet burn!   Out of the 9 wings, I finished 5 of them.  I bagged the remaining 4 wings along with some leftover wing sauce and put in the refrigerator for another time (which turned out to be about 2 1/2 hours later).

Those of you who like heat levels more on the mild side may find this a bit intimidating.  But if you are a fan of spicy foods, then this rub will work wonders on your poultry.  I do not know when C-Dub’s will bring this product to market, but let’s hope it is very very soon!

Website for C-Dub’s BBQ Rub:

4 responses to “Review: C-Dub’s Hot Wing Rub

  1. For your first blog post, I am very much impressed Wayne.

    Well written and informative, and also opinionated.

    Good Job!

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  3. Ohhhh Wilfred beat me too it! I wanted to be the first to respond…then the kids got wild and I got distracted! You did awesome for first blog post… and OshawaOgre have motivated me to get going myself! Glad you liked them….you sure did a GREAT job of making them look fabulous! Thanks again! Allegra

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