Help a Friend Get Enrolled at Kingsford University

I normally don’t do something like this…  but here goes anyway.

In the course of your busy day, please take a few minutes and vote for my friend Lionel B. from Edenton, NC, to be enrolled in Kingsford University.  Kingsford is running a contest on Facebook where grilling and BBQ enthusiasts have an opportunity to learn from world champion pitmaster Chris Lilly.  The top three vote-getters will be flown out to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I will say this upfront that this contest is in the form of a Facebook application.  Before you start chanting the evils of Facebook apps, I will state that this app does not steal any data at all.  It is simply used to facilitate the contest.  Once the contest ends (February 14th), you can remove the app.

Currently Lionel is sitting in 4th place.  By just getting you and five of your closest friends to vote, we can easily get Lionel in the top 3!  The URL to the contest is


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