Review: Klondike Pete’s Sweet BBQ Rub

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a BBQ Brethren Trade.  I was lucky enough to receive two bottles of sauce and two bottles of rub.  Tonight, my wife asked me to grill some chicken, so I decided to use one of the rubs I received.

Klondike Pete's Sweet BBQ Rub

Klondike Pete's Sweet BBQ Rub

Made in Wisconsin, this rub prides itself on being a sweet BBQ rub.  The ingredients listed include brown sugar, mustard, and celery salt (among others).  As I picked up the bottle the first thing that I noticed was that this rub was really clumpy.  Bad.  As in, one solid clump.  One solid clump that remained a clump no matter how much I knocked the bottle against the counter.  I had to completely open the bottle and remove the top part that the rub shakes through.  Only then could I break off a piece of the clump into a glass bowl to use on the chicken.

The rub

The rub

As I do with all rubs, I take a few naked samples.  The flavor profiles were inconsistent between the samplings.  Some were really sweet (almost pure brown sugar) while others had hardly any sweetness at all.  The clumping was probably the primary culprit.

As a result of the clumping, it was difficult to get it rubbed in sufficiently on to the chicken breasts I laid out to grill.  I was finally able to get some of the rub applied to the chicken and onto the grill for approximately 20 minutes.  I sauced one of the chicken breasts (my wife’s) with original Big Butz BBQ Sauce, and I left mine unsauced.

I’m not sure if it was the way that I had applied the rub to the chicken or what, but in my opinion the rub just did not impart a lot of flavor at all. That is a shame, because there is definitely a market for a good sweet BBQ rub.  Guess I’ll have to come up with my own…


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