Review: Sam Dog BBQ Yellow Dog Sauce

Yesterday, one of my co-workers needed my advice on BBQ places for lunch.  She told me that one of our clients would be buying lunch for the office today, and that lunch would be BBQ.  Immediately my mind starts thinking “Hey… this will be a perfect opportunity to try out some of my stash!”  After much thought, I picked the bottle of Yellow Dog Sauce made by Sam Dog BBQ.

Sam Dog BBQ Yellow Dog Sauce

Sam Dog BBQ Yellow Dog Sauce

Sam Dog BBQ is a small family-owned BBQ sauce and rub business based out of Alabama.  The Yellow Dog sauce is a mustard-based sauce influenced by BBQ flavors from the Carolinas, Kentucky, and Alabama.  It has a nice golden color that portrays its mustard roots.  As I do with all sauces, I took a naked taste.  Sure enough, I definitely taste the mustard base in the sauce.  However, the tangy flavor of the mustard is not overpowering at all and really adds a nice flavor to the sauce.

My next step?  Slather it on some pulled pork for lunch!

My lunch today

My lunch today, courtesy of Mac's Speed Shop

In one word: yum!  When applied to the pulled pork, the sauce added tremendous flavor.  The mustard flavors complemented the meat very well, and it was just overall tasty!  It was a consensus among co-workers that this was indeed good stuff.

While basking in the afterglow experienced after eating a hell of a lot of food, I had a brilliant idea: try the Yellow Dog on some chicken!  Eureka!  So after work tonight, I grilled some boneless skinless chicken breasts seasoned with Plowboys Bovine Bold.  In the last 10 minutes of grilling, on goes the Yellow Dog.

Grilled Chicken after the Yellow Dog touch

Grilled Chicken after the Yellow Dog touch

The sauce gave the chicken breasts a nice dark golden color, and the taste provided was fabulous!

Tonight's Dinner

Tonight's Dinner -- Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli, and Stuffed Mushrooms

I normally do not use a lot of mustard-based sauces in my cooking, but this one was well worth it!  It lives up to its billing as excellent to use as a glaze or dipping sauce.  Do I recommend this sauce?  Absolutely!

The website for Sam Dog BBQ can be found at  You can also find Sam Dog BBQ on Twitter.

6 responses to “Review: Sam Dog BBQ Yellow Dog Sauce

  1. As a reviewer that tried Yellow Dog before it went retail, I can vouch for how good it is, Wayne your dead on with your thoughts.
    I just smoked some Pulled Pork yesterday and used Yellow Dog, really great! (as is your review)

  2. Wayne
    Thanks so much. We’re really excited you liked our sauce. We appreciate your opinion. As we are a new company and still growing (slowly) reviews like this are very important. Keep on the look out as we have a few other sauces and rubs to bring to market soon.
    Stay Saucy

    • As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Hope the review brings you good things, and I look forward for more good things to come.

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  4. nice write up Wayne. makes me hungry for bbq and the yellow dog sauce. great work!


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