This Week’s “Best Of”

After a long hiatus, the “Best Of” has made its return.  I know you all missed it terribly (*grin*).  So without a further ado, here’s this week’s “Best Of”:

  • The Mad Scientist and Wizard of Sauce is at it again!  Tom Porter of Big Butz BBQ gets in touch with his entomological side in creating the Fattipillar.
  • Canadian BBQ blogger Wilfred Reinke tells us about his experience of cooking a pork shoulder in his Masterbuilt smoker.  Oh yeah, he got to play with power tools too.
  • If you wondered if your favorite BBQ joint was on Twitter, chances are good that Kevin Kelly of Kevin’s BBQ Joints has already found ’em.  Click here to see the definitive list.
  • Been unsure about how to spatchcock a chicken?  I was too, until Larry Gaian published a great how-to article on splitting that bird.

And for the dose of funny, here is a commercial outlining when it’s a good time to get a new bed…



3 responses to “This Week’s “Best Of”

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate the plug!

  2. LOL! That video is hilarious. Crap, maybe we need a new bed! I’m kidding of course. Thanks for all the bbq tips. I, a lowly woman, am clueless. For example, what is the difference between spare ribs and short ribs? Love your blog.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’m assuming you’re asking for the difference in spare ribs and baby back ribs. Baby back ribs are closer to the spine and attached to the loin muscle, thus making it a leaner cut of rib. Spare ribs would be considered the majority of the pig’s rib cage, starting where the baby backs end and continuing down the side of the pig.

      A very good resource that really explains the differences in baby back and spare ribs (along with a great definition of most pork cuts) is Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn’s Blog, He has an entire section devoted to the various cuts of pork. You can find it at

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