BBQ and Social Media — Your Opinions Needed

Social Media.  It’s the latest craze.  It has completely revolutionized product discovery, customer service, and news delivery.  Social media has allowed like-minded people all over the world to easily connect to one another to various reasons.  But how has it impacted those in the BBQ industry?  That’s what I aim to find out.

I would like to hear from any one who is involved in the BBQ industry in any form or fashion — whether you are a restaurant owner, competition team head cook, rub or sauce maker, or simply a fellow blogger like myself.  I want to know how the social media movement has affected you.  You can contact me one of three ways:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post below.
  2. Use the contact form found here.
  3. Send me an email at
I look forward to hearing from you!

3 responses to “BBQ and Social Media — Your Opinions Needed

  1. Social media in a sentence IS our business. We went from shipping next to no orders a week to shipping cases a week. Every time our Likes or Follows goes up by another 10 percent we find our sales go up by about the same ratio.

    Social media is real, it works and is hear to stay. If you want to know more email me I’d be happy to do a full interview about it.


  2. Hi Wayne! We have a strong local base but Social Media has given us opportunities we would never have had before! Who would have thought we would be a part of a huge event in Vegas? Calls from Arkansas–say what? Purchaes from small towns in Alabama? Across Canada? Meeting awesome people not just for business but a new type of friendship! You of course are part of that!

  3. As a blogger, I can safely say a large portion of my traffic was attracted to the site as a result of social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, online forums, etc.). I’ve also met a lot of new friends with similar obsessions, er, interests and learned a tremendous amount from them.

    Now can you point me to something on here that I can post in its entirety without attribution? Oh wait, that wasn’t me… 😉

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