Review: Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag, Honey Mesquite

A few weeks ago, I participated in BBQ sauce giveaway on BBQ Sauce Reviews, not really expecting to win.  Because, you know, that’s just how I roll.  Well lo and behold, I actually won!  The prize was two different items from Uncle Joe’s BBQ.  Today’s review is for their Honey Mesquite Sauce in a Bag.

Uncle Joe's BBQ Sauce in a Bag -- Honey Mesquite

Uncle Joe's BBQ Sauce in a Bag -- Honey Mesquite

Uncle Joe’s BBQ is located in San Antonio, TX.  The idea behind the products from Uncle Joe’s BBQ is to offer up a dry version of BBQ sauce that consumers can take and come up with their own variations.  With only a couple of ingredients needed that are readily available in most kitchens (ketchup and water), people are allowed the freedom to improvise and come up with their own renditions and ideas.  So let’s get to work!

Naked Observations

This may be the first time in my knowledge that I do two different sets of naked observations for a BBQ sauce.  But then again, this isn’t your traditional sauce in a bottle or jar.

Dry ingredients

Dry ingredients

Above is a snapshot of the dry ingredients that come in the package.  Looking at the color of the dry ingredients, I’m thinking that the result is going to be a very dark and thick sauce.  The process for making the sauce out of the dry ingredients is super simple — add ketchup and water (or apple juice or beer or other liquid of choice), mix, microwave, and profit!

The resulting sauce

The resulting sauce

As you can see, the result is a very thick and dark sauce.  You can see the spices dispersed throughout the mix.  After mixing again and letting the sauce cool for a few minutes, I decided to take a taste.  I was expecting it to be really sweet, but it wasn’t syrupy sweet.  There were definite sweet profiles in the sauce from the honey powder in the dry ingredients, but it wasn’t an overly sugary sweet flavor.  There was also a little bit of peppery and spicy taste from the mesquite spices.  I was worried that making a BBQ sauce from a set of dry ingredients would make for a grainy BBQ sauce.  While yes, there were some instances of granularity in the sauce, the granular texture was a bit uneven and could probably be corrected either by using more ketchup/water or mixing a little bit better.

To the Meat of the Matter

Yes, I like BBQ sauce on my hamburgers. So what?  It’s a quirk of mine, and I think it gives a good finishing touch.  So I decided to make burgers stuffed with jalapenos and cheese to give the BBQ sauce a suitable test bed.

Burger before getting saucy

Burger before getting saucy

All sauced up

All sauced up

The BBQ sauce did not overpower the burger.  I got a few tastes of the honey in the sauce.  I could not distinguish any of the mesquite spices on the burger, but it probably had something to do with the eleventy billion jalapenos I used in the stuffed burger.

I read earlier on the website for Uncle Joe’s BBQ that using apple juice instead of water will give a much sweeter sauce.  Maybe I should’ve used that instead of water, but unfortunately I did not have any readily available.  And as they say, you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got.

So would I go out of my way to purchase this at all costs?  Probably not.  But I do like the flexibility that is available in giving you the dry ingredients and letting you add others at will to come up with your own creation.  Perhaps I should have been a little more adventurous in what ingredients I added to make the sauce.  Or maybe I should have used the sauce on something other than burgers.  It is a solid product that should work for most consumers.

If you are interested in more information on Uncle Joe’s BBQ sauce, you can visit their website at  You can also find them on Facebook here.


2 responses to “Review: Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce in a Bag, Honey Mesquite

  1. Sweet review and awesome Burger PRON! Gonna have to try me som’dat! Um… that is a BBQ sauce smear on the white plate above, right?

  2. I have to use it still…I will try it with the apple sauce. We have been so busy, all the Q’n we have been doing is for Comps….but when we get back from our next comp (in Canada) I will try it on something. Good Job writing as always! BBQ Rock Star!!

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