Father’s Day Frenzy with Draper’s BBQ

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a first!  Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog is teaming up with Draper’s BBQ for a totally awesome contest!  As you may know, I can personally vouch for the high quality product that Shane makes.  Three lucky prize winners will receive the following prizes:

Draper's BBQ 1-Pint Pack

Draper's BBQ 1-Pint Pack

The first name drawn will receive the Draper’s BBQ 1-Pint Gift Pack.  This package includes a bottle of Smokin’ Sauce, a bottle of A.P. Rub, and a great looking pint glass!  We all know that everyone can always use another pint glass.

Sauce and Rub Bundle

Sauce and Rub Bundle

The second name drawn will receive a bottle of Smokin’ Sauce and a bottle of A.P. Rub.  This combination of sauce and rub has been proven to produce results at the competition level and can produce results in your backyard!

The third name drawn will receive a choice between a bottle of Smokin’ Sauce and a bottle of A.P. Rub.  You can’t go wrong with either one, so choosing may be the hardest decision that you have to make.

If you’re interested in everything that Draper’s BBQ has to offer, you can check out their online store here.

So now the important question…  how do I enter?  It’s simple!  You can enter using one of the three ways below:

  1. Twitter — spread the word on Twitter!  Follow Draper’s BBQ on Twitter (@drapersbbq) and then tweet “I just entered the Father’s Day Frenzy with @drapersbbq Giveaway!  @brownkw  #drapersgiveaway”.
  2. Facebook — become a fan of Draper’s BBQ on Facebook here.  Leave a comment on his page about the way you’d use Draper’s BBQ Sauce and Rub if you win.  AS A BONUS, if you post a picture of your grilling or BBQ setup on the Draper’s BBQ Facebook page, you will get an additional bonus entry.
  3. This Blog — Post a comment below on how you would use Draper’s BBQ Sauce and Rub if you win.
This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada and will end on Tuesday, June 14 at midnight EST.  Winners will be announced the next day.  You can enter every day, but only one entry per day please.  Good luck, everyone!

25 responses to “Father’s Day Frenzy with Draper’s BBQ

  1. I would use Draper’s on several foods, since I’ve never had the chance to try it. I’m thinking ribs, shoulder, and chicken. Not all in the same day though. The glass is nice as well. I would fill it with something happy I think (-:

  2. I can’t get too fancy on the grill, since I have a tailgate grill with being a college student and on campus for part of the summer. I can grill great grilled pork chops and chicken on it with rub and barbecue sauce. My Mom taught me. So, if I win then that will be a special treat. Thanks.

  3. I’m from North Carolina so I would eat it on chopped pork.

  4. Might try it on ribs or hamburgers. If feeling lazy, I will take my butt to Cyndi’s and let her make dinner.

  5. Ribs. Ribs. Ribs. I see these in my future – I hope.

  6. Tried your bbq sauce on chicken for the first time lastnight…loved it!!!!

  7. I like to have a variety of rubs and sauces on hand….Makes for a nice variety of grilled foods……

  8. Would have a cook out for my friends if I won and would rub and sauce my butt real good.

  9. If I won I would use Draper’s BBQ Sauce and Rub on a nice big Pork Butt that I would smoke on my WSM 🙂 Hope to get to try some of their products soon! Thanks 🙂

  10. I would use it for RIBS! Mmmmm. My dad would LOVE this!

    lisagoneaussie (at) gmail.com

  11. Ohhhh chose me, choose me.

  12. I would use the rub on my ribs,chicken and maybe on pork butt, smoke them then put ribs and chicken on my grill and slather ssauce all over, then only one thing left to do EAT

  13. I’d cover a butt with Draper’s rub, smoke it, pull the pork, and serve it with buns and Draper’s sauce.

  14. Woot! I want that damn beer glass! Shane mentioned he was getting them made on the BBQ Central Radio show. Come on big money!

  15. From reading the description of the sauce, they are kinda like me, not KC, not carolina style, but they are their own thing, like me out here in AZ, i do my own thing, and i’d use it on everything from burgers, to Pulled pork, i have even been known to fancy up grilled cheese with sauce!!!

  16. Had to check back in. We can enter every day, and this is a great sounding barbcue prize.

    I checked in over at Drapers on Facebook – friended and left a Wayner message. Love the combo idea on the rub plus barbecue sauce. Layers are always nice.

    Leaning now toward ribs but also think chicken might be first up.

    Happy Barbecue Father’s Day to all! And I know if Big Wayne says it’s good, then it is for sure.

  17. Shared email here, but I do the grilling. Rib guy here. On the Char Broil Big Red. Virginia guy. Now in NC. But lived all over.

  18. Rib guy here. On the Char Broil Big Red. Virginia guy. Now in NC. But lived all over.

  19. We love chicken and turkey.

  20. i think the first thing i’d slap some draper’s on will be Chicken, smoke it up, chop it up, and sauce it up!!

  21. The real way you enjoy such an amazing sauce is have a HUGE party! I mean not only would I be using a great product, but I would also show it off so that the block can see how great it tastes……


  22. I’m with you on this Cyndi…..Can’t wait for the results….

  23. I’d use Draper’s on pulled pork cooked low and slow on my GMG smoker!

  24. Mom said to enter again. This sounds like great rub and sauce and the glass rocks too. College buds hanging out for the summer would sure enjoy.

  25. Patrick Paquette

    I would do a practice cook to make my wife happy because she loves great tasting Rubs & Sauces and then I would immediately enter the next New England BBQ Society/KCBS contest and I will be able to beat IQUE (Chris Hart).

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