Father’s Day Frenzy with Draper’s BBQ — Final Push

As you may know, there is a little giveaway going on right now on this blog, courtesy of Draper’s BBQ.  Draper’s BBQ is offering up three great prizes for three different winners:

  1. One-pint gift pack, which includes a bottle of sauce, a bottle of rub, and a great pint glass
  2. BBQ Sauce and rub bundle
  3. Your choice of BBQ Sauce or rub.
As I mentioned on the blog entry for the contest, there are three different ways to enter — Facebook, Twitter, or this blog.  Now it’s time to give a little incentive for entering.  The methods of entering will be the same:
  1. Twitter — spread the word on Twitter!  Follow Draper’s BBQ on Twitter (@drapersbbq) and then tweet “I just entered the Father’s Day Frenzy with @drapersbbq Giveaway!  @brownkw  #drapersgiveaway”.
  2. Facebook — become a fan of Draper’s BBQ on Facebook here.  Leave a comment on his page about the way you’d use Draper’s BBQ Sauce and Rub if you win.  AS A BONUS, if you post a picture of your grilling or BBQ setup on the Draper’s BBQ Facebook page, you will get an additional bonus entry.
  3. This Blog — Post a comment below or on the original contest blog on how you would use Draper’s BBQ Sauce and Rub if you win.
Here’s the added bonus: for every friend that you refer to enter this contest that says they heard about it from you, you will receive a bonus entry into the contest!  How do you like that?  Your friends will get a chance to win, and you’ll get even more chances!
This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada and will end on Tuesday, June 14 at midnight EST (tomorrow night).  Winners will be announced the next day.

6 responses to “Father’s Day Frenzy with Draper’s BBQ — Final Push

  1. Please enter me in the Draper’s BBQ contest. I will be grilling on Father’s Day and I need some more rub. It is DBQlicious….

  2. Just bought a new grill for Memorial Day. Now it’s time to really get it fired up for the rest of the summer! Nothing like a slow cooked brisket or pork loin with a good rub. I would love to try Draper’s. If it’s all Big Wayner says it is, I may even rub some on my wife. Make the evening interesting! =-)

  3. Please enter my name in the Draper’s BBQ contest. Every 4th of July about 40 to 50 people stop by to eat, drink and be a proud Americans. We would love to use these great Q items to celebrate our nations freedom.

  4. I follow Drapers on FB! (Claudia C. Davis)

  5. I would use Draper’s BBQ Sauce and Rub in both my turkey meatloaf recipe as well as in my turkey chili recipe. I use BBQ sauce in my meatloaf but would toss some rub in their as well. I would also put both in my chili though I normally make my own seasoning mix, this would give it an awesome tang I think!

  6. Big July 4 Party at the Smokin Ronnie’s BBQ ranch. Needs me some Draper’s BBQ Rub & Sauce PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sr

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