Contests Abound!

Even after the Fourth of July weekend, there are still several BBQ giveaways going on.  Because I want you to win, I’m putting together a list of active contests for you to enter.  So enter away!

  • Kevin’s BBQ Joints is teaming up with Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ to do a giveaway courtesy of Snow’s BBQ.  Prizes include a brisket, sausage, and BBQ gear.  Find out more about the contest here.
  • There’s a very nice bundle being offered up as a prize by Cyndi Allison on her blog.  The prize bundle includes BBQ tools, Guy Fieri BBQ sauces, and more!  Enter today.
  • Fishful Thinking is running a contest right now.  The prize?  A Stubb’s BBQ Sauce Gift Pack worth $30.  Enter today!
  • BBQ Sauce Reviews runs a weekly giveaway, usually of a recently reviewed BBQ sauce.  This week the giveaway features Jack Stack BBQ Sauces and Rubs.  The contest usually starts at noon EST, so check here for more information.
Is there a contest that I did not list?  Please let me know in the comments below, and I’ll get it added ASAP!

4 responses to “Contests Abound!

  1. Really helpful to have the BBQ related giveaways and contests all in one spot. Thanks for listing mine. Be sure to check it out folks. It’s an easy enter and no spam at all. Tks, Cyndi

  2. Thanks for the mention! Watch more many more BBQ giveaways on my blog Fishful Thinking in the near furture.

  3. Every Friday on BBQ Sauce Reviews we give away something… today it’s going to be Jack Stack BBQ Sauces and Rubs!

    thanks Wayne!

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