Teams that Do Know Jack: Degüello BBQ

This “Teams that Do Know Jack” post takes us near the nation’s capital to meet our featured team.  They may only be a second-year team, but they’re on everyone’s radar!  This is Degüello BBQ!

Degüello BBQ is based out of Springfield, VA and consists of the husband and wife team of Kit Rudd (chief cook) and Sharon Rudd (garnish master).  The team name is a nod to Kit’s home state of Texas.  While many know that “Degüello” is the title of a ZZ Top album, most may not realize that the term was used by the Mexican Army to note that no quarter would be given to their enemies.  While Kit and Sharon may not BBQ to the death, they certainly are all in when it comes to making a noticeable impact on the competition BBQ circuit!

The team has experienced noticeable success right from the beginning.  In 2010, Degüello BBQ scored two 3rd place finishes overall and one reserve grand championship.  They were also named the Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association Rookie Team of the Year.

This year continued to bring success much like 2010 did for Degüello BBQ.  Kit and Sharon scored two more 3rd place finishes overall.  More importantly, they scored their first Grand Championship in Bluemont, VA.  As a result of this win, they were put into the drawing for the Jack where they were selected to represent the state of Virginia!

The team uses Weber Smokey Mountain cookers exclusively for competition cooking (two 22″ and two 18″ models).  To maintain temperature control, Kit and Sharon use a BBQ Guru CyberQ 2 and DigiQ.

Even with the early success, the team remains humble.  The team has a goal for 2012 to cook more consistently across all of the KCBS categories.  I admire that determination and drive to never be content with the current state.  Degüello BBQ has a huge potential, and they will be a major force in the coming years.

You can find the team’s website at as well as on Facebook.  Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog wishes Kit and Sharon Rudd of Degüello BBQ the best of luck at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue!  To see your team featured on this blog, email me at

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2 responses to “Teams that Do Know Jack: Degüello BBQ

  1. Kit and Sharon are definitely on their way UP! He’s a great guy that has helped me a few times when this “backyard” q’er had some questions. You can follow them on their blog: where Kit posts tons of pics and does a great job of posting their BBQ Comps ups and downs. (Like the fact that they won 1st in Ribs with a broken door on a WSM!)
    Best of Luck at the Jack you two!
    ~Brian & Marilyn

  2. Thanks for the nice write up Wayne!

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