Teams that Do Know Jack: Lotta Bull BBQ

When you hear this team’s name, you know that you’re talking about a cornerstone in the world of competition BBQ.  It is a great thrill to feature this team in today’s “Teams that Do Know Jack” spotlight.  From the great state of Oklahoma, this is Lotta Bull BBQ.

There’s not a lot that Mike & Debbie Davis, the husband-and-wife team members of Lotta Bull BBQ, haven’t accomplished.  Their accomplishments are completely in the stratosphere!  Some of their accomplishments include:

  • 83 Grand Championships (yes, I said 83!)
  • Four-time winner of the American Royal Open
  • 1st place brisket at the 2010 Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue
  • Consistently in the top 15 overall for KCBS Team of the Year

What really impresses me isn’t all of the accomplishments and accolades that the team has received.  Yes, those are absolutely great!  What impresses me is his great attitude and personality.  I got to speak with Mike over the phone, and I was absolutely enthralled!  He told me of how he got into BBQ, of his experience in his very first contest, and of his experiences organizing a contest.

As we spoke of many different things, I got two different feelings from the conversation.  Talking with Mike greatly reminded me of sitting with my grandfather and listening to him tell stories — I could do it everyday!  The second was a feeling of thankfulness.  With all that Lotta Bull BBQ has accomplished, Mike certainly did not have to take time out to chat with me.  Not only did he do that, he treated me like a long lost friend, and I’m grateful for that!

Mike & Debbie, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing you two again in Lynchburg!  You can find Lotta Bull BBQ on the web at and on Facebook.   Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog wishes Lotta Bull BBQ the best of luck at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue!

If you’d like to see your team featured, email me at  Don’t forget to check out these other team spotlights.!


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