Review: Doomer’s Hot & Spicy “Q” Sauce

Not too long ago, I did a review on Doomer’s Original “Q” Sauce.  When Todd sent me this sauce to review, he also sent his other two sauces — Dark and Hot & Spicy.  Today you’ll see what I think about his Hot & Spicy Sauce.

Naked Observations

Like the original Q sauce, Doomer’s Hot & Spicy “Q” sauce pours out not quite as thick as a typical Kansas City style sauce.  However, it’s a bit thicker than a pure vinegar-based sauce.  It has a nice dark red color.  You can also see specks of pepper and other spices in the sauce.

Sauce Swatch

Sauce Swatch

When I tasted the sauce, I again got the contrasting flavors of sweet and tangy working together.  The black pepper was definitely present and on the forefront.  However, unlike the original sauce, there was some noticeable back heat.  It was not terribly overpowering, but I definitely knew it was there.

To the Meat of the Matter

I actually tried this sauce in a couple of different manners.  The first was about a week or so ago.  I picked up a BBQ pork sandwich and some mac & cheese from Rock Store BBQ and brought it home.  I used Doomer’s Hot & Spicy Q Sauce on there.  In this picture, you get a better feel of the consistency and thickness of the sauce.

The sauce worked nicely on the sandwich.  It blended down into the meat, thus allowing some of the flavor to be distributed more.  The heat was noticeable but not overly prevalent.  Again, I definitely tasted pepper.

The second time to use this sauce was on some chicken thighs as part of a cook to try out multiple sauces.  I took some chicken thighs, trimmed them up some, and seasoned them with chicken rub from Bandiola Spice Co.

The thighs are then put on the Weber kettle grill skin-side down for 10 minutes (using Kingsford charcoal and wine-infused oak from Greenleaf BBQ).  Afterwards, I flipped the thighs and sauced them.  The thighs sauced with Doomer’s Hot & Spicy Q sauce are the two that are to the left of the ones sauced with the mustard-based sauce.

After about 20 more minutes on the grill, I pull them off the grill and plate them.  And I have to admit… I really, REALLY liked the look of the thighs with the Doomer’s Hot & Spicy Q Sauce.

I was very pleased with how these thighs turned out.  They had a great color.  The meat was very moist and tasty.  There was a little bit of heat, but nothing overly overpowering.  All in all, a nice flavor.

If you are interested in finding out more about Doomer’s Hot & Spicy “Q” Sauce or about any of the other sauces, you can go to  You can also find Doomer’s on Facebook and Twitter.

One response to “Review: Doomer’s Hot & Spicy “Q” Sauce

  1. Thanks Wayne! I tried to keep it more flavor than heat…this time. 🙂

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