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Best Of: May 15-22

My apologies for not posting this last Sunday.  I had to work, and I posted a restaurant review instead.  Let’s see what the past week had to offer us…

  • Recap the adventures of Robyn Medlin Lindars (aka Grill Grrrl) and her escapades at Memphis in May here and here.  Look for the coleslaw trophy — it’s one of a kind!
  • Check out this positive review from Larry Gaian (The BBQ Grail) of the GrillStar iPhone app.  I can vouch for this app’s usefulness and hope to have a review posted this week.
  • Like beef?  Like bourbon?  Well how about beef and bourbon?  Impossible, you say?  Fret not!  Check out this recipe from
  • Finally, check out this interview with Charles and Allegra Wilson at the USA Barbecue Championship in Las Vegas.  You know Charles and Allegra better as C-Dub’s BBQ Rub.


Poll: What’s Cooking on Your Outdoor Cooker?

Here’s some food for thought…  what do you like to cook the most on your grill or smoker?  Poll is below.  Discuss amongst yourselves.