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Teams that Do Know Jack: DivaQ

With the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue coming up, I want to take the time to highlight some of the teams that will be competing.  First up is Canadian BBQ sensation DivaQ.


Danielle Bennett Dimovski, the woman behind DivaQ, is the highest ranked Canadian competitive BBQ team in KCBS for the last 3 years.  Together with her husband Vlado, Danielle has racked up an amazing amount of accolades and accomplishments since starting competing professionally in 2007.  The accomplishments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  6 Grand Championships
  • 5 Reserve Grand Championships
  • 34 1st Place Finishes
  • 38 Top-10 Overall Finishes
  • First Canadian team to win 2 Grand Championships in the United States
  • Only Canadian team to record 7 perfect scores
  • Featured on TLC BBQ Pitmasters, The Today Show, Canada AM, and numerous other programs.

Like all elite BBQ personalities, Danielle’s passion for BBQ is limitless.  She eats, breathes, sleeps, and lives BBQ.  Her outgoing and larger-than-life personality endears her to the BBQ community as a whole, and her passion for BBQ is evident just by listening to her talk and demonstrate all kinds of BBQ.

The website for DivaQ is http://www.divaq.ca, and it contains a wealth of information ranging from recipes to contest recaps to other useful tidbits.  You can also find the team on Facebook and Twitter.  Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog wishes Danielle and DivaQ the best of luck at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue!!  If you’d like to have your team featured, please contact Wayne at bigwaynerbbq@gmail.com.

Best Of: June 12-19

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers and fathers-to-be out there!  It’s a late night “Best Of” post for this week since my wife and I just returned home from the beach about 2 hours ago.  Let’s see what happened this week…

  • Grilling with Rich gets an interview with Chris Lilly — vice president of Big Bob Gibson BBQ, head of the competition team that won the 2011 Memphis in May World Barbecue Championship, and all around BBQ legend.
  • So did Tom Porter of Big Butz BBQ Sauce survive his first KCBS competition?  Check out the results in his own words here as well as the aftermath.
  • Looking for tips on how to make that perfect “putting green” competition turn-in box?  Check out this great how-to article from DivaQ!
  • Baked beans with my BBQ?  Why I believe I will!  Check out this guest post on The BBQ Smoker Site written by Paul Haight of No Excuses BBQ.
  • And finally, Robyn Medlin Lindars (aka GrillGrrrl) shows us some tasty wings using Draper’s BBQ Sauce and rub..

Best Of: May 22-29

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  While you are all out firing up your grills, smokers, or outdoor cookers, check out these few links that made this week’s “Best Of” cut:

  • I know many of you watched the Ultimate BBQ Showdown yesterday on CBS.  Even so, check out this great piece by Danielle Dimovsky of DivaQ about the show.  In my opinion, best post I’ve seen about the show so far.
  • Plank grilling — it’s not just for fish anymore.  Larry Gaian (The BBQ Grail) has a series of topics covering the many different things you can cook using plank grilling.  From chicken to mashed potatoes and even brie cheese with watermelon rind chutney, he shows that there are really no limits!  To view the entire series, check out his site at http://www.thebbqgrail.com.
  • Did someone say rotisserie roast beef?  Check out this tasty sounding recipe from Grilling Companion.
  • If you are in Ontario and have a craving for ribs, then you need to check out Wilfred Reinke’s post regarding the schedule for various RibFests in Ontario for 2011.
  • And finally…  watch out, world!  Tom Porter is on the loose!  The mad scientist behind Big Butz BBQ Sauce is getting ready for his first KCBS competition.  I wish him the best of luck!  He has blogged about his first three days in preparation so far here, here, and here.  Continue to follow his blog at http://www.bigbutzbbqsauce.net for more updates.

Best Of: April 18-24

For your entertainment pleasure, here are the “Best Of” articles for this week!

  • Think sending flowers is just so cliche?  Take it one step further and check out how to give that special someone you love a bouquet of bacon roses!  (Article courtesy of Instructables)
  • Ever wonder what BBQ joints make the “must-visit’ list of some of the world’s top pitmasters?  Kevin Kelly of Kevin’s BBQ Joints gets the scoop on the must-visit BBQ joints according to Danielle Dimovsky (of DivaQ fame).
  • And continuing along with Kevin’s BBQ Joints…  Kevin is running another contest.  This one has lots of goodies being given away courtesy of Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse in Elgin, TX.  Check it out!
  • And in not-BBQ-related news, internet superstar Antoine Dodson was jailed on marijuana possession charges.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Best Of: April 11-17

So yeah… I promise I’ll make a better attempt at doing my weekly “Best Of” posts.  I’ve been battling a health issue that has been a nuisance.  So without further delay, here are the posts I proudly deem the “Best Of” for this past week:

  • Danielle Dimovsky of DivaQ unleashes her inner bartender with her twist on the Bloody Caesar (very very similar to a Bloody Mary for us Americans).
  • Wilfred Reinke (aka the Oshawa Ogre) decides to let someone else write a blog entry for him, and it’s a great one!  Check out the post on spreading the love through BBQ by Doug Francis of Hogs Gone Wild BBQ.
  • Check out this video on Kevin’s BBQ Joints of Kevin Pang (from the Chicago Tribune) getting a tour of 17th Street Bar and Grill in Murphysboro, IL, guided by the Legend himself.
  • One of the most entertaining episodes of The BBQ Central Show was this past week.  Dr. BBQ (Ray Lampe) was the guest for the first hour.  The second hour featured Darren Warth (of Iowa Smokey D’s BBQ, the first winner in the Sam’s Club Series) as well as some deep… beef…

Best of — Week of February 13-20

I hope this list will give you at least a few minutes of entertainment value.

  • Sex on the Beach with a Chicken?  Say no more!
  • Mad scientist and BBQ Saucier Tom Porter tells us how, with a wave of his hand, he turned tacos into jalapeño poppers.
  • Larry Gaian of The BBQ Grail gives us a sneak peek into the BBQ Backyard, a new social network geared specifically towards the BBQ community.
  • Next year for Valentine’s Day, do something a little different for your special someone than the usual stuff.  For instance, Danielle Dimovski of DivaQ tells us about herValentine’s Meat Cake.  *drool*

Finally, here’s a good laugh…

This Past Week in News — Again

Here are my picks for the “best of” from the previous week:

It’s a bird… NO, it’s a plane… NO! It’s a Super Fatty!

Normally I don’t do a link and run post (I try to save those up for the weekly “best of” blog entries on Sundays).  However, I recently came across a post from DivaQ (@DivaQBBQ on Twitter) for an “ultimate bacon jalapeño sausage super fatty” as a suggestion for a Super Bowl party appetizer.

Seriously… do yourself a favor and go look at this.  Now.  Be sure to have a napkin, towel, or something close-by to clean up the drool.