KLB’s “That’s Good Mustard” BBQ Sauce

A couple of months ago I won a bottle of KLB’s “That’s Good Mustard” BBQ Sauce in a Twitter giveaway.  I finally had the chance to do a big product test cook this past weekend, so let’s take a look at this mustard sauce from South Carolina!

KLB's "That's Good Mustard" BBQ Sauce

KLB's "That's Good Mustard" BBQ Sauce

The BBQ sauce is the creation of Kevin Bobo.  As a lot of you may know, a good portion of South Carolina is known for their mustard-based BBQ sauce, and Kevin’s creation embodies that style.  The sauce claims to work on virtually any meat — chicken, pork, beef, venison, even mahi mahi!

Naked Observations

The sauce comes in a 17 oz. bottle, so you definitely get your money’s worth from the bottle.  It is a golden color, leaning more towards yellow that some other mustard-based BBQ sauces I have used.  It pours out nice and thick, and you can easily see the various herbs and spices that are used throughout the sauce.

Sauce Swatch

Sauce Swatch

When I took a taste of the sauce, there was no doubt whatsoever that this was a mustard-based sauce.  This sauce is really bold by itself.  The mustard is predominant, but it isn’t completely mustard.  The other spices help mellow out the sauce and take a little bit of the “zip” out of the sauce.

To the Meat of the Matter

Chicken.  Lots of chicken.  With my wife being out of town for the evening, I decided to do a product review test cook.  Overall, I ended up using 6 chicken thighs and used 3 different sauces on the meat.  The thighs were trimmed and seasoned with chicken seasoning from Bandiola Spice Co.

Chicken Thighs seasoned with Bandiola Spice Chicken Rub

Chicken Thighs seasoned with Bandiola Spice Chicken Rub

The thighs went on the 18 1/2″ Weber kettle grill where I grilled them for 10 minutes skin-side down.  Then I turned them and applied the sauce.  As you can see in the picture below, I reviewed three different sauces.  You can probably guess which ones had the mustard-based sauce.

Thighs on the grill

Thighs on the grill

Twenty minutes later, I pulled the thighs off of the grill and let them sit for between 5 and 10 minutes.  You can see below how the color of the sauce darkened some, and it looked quite nice on the meat.

Yummy thighs

Yummy thighs

I took a bite, and it was simply amazing!  The mustard flavor blended perfectly into the chicken.  No one particular spice overpowered another, and everything worked in perfect harmony.  This sauce is the real deal!

The “That’s Good Mustard” BBQ Sauce can be ordered for $4.99 plus shipping from the company’s website (KLBFoods) at http://www.klbinc.ws/KLBs_BBQ_Sauce.  If you are in the Charleston area, you can find this sauce at a few local retailers.


3 responses to “KLB’s “That’s Good Mustard” BBQ Sauce

  1. I agree Wayne, it is a nice Mustard sauce, I have reviewed it as well.

    I have not tried it on Chicken yet, after reading you review I will have to try that 🙂

  2. Nice review Wayne. I’ve become a big fan of mustard-based BBQ sauces, but in my short time trying a few different ones, I’ve found they lean far to one side or the other. Either very mustard-y intended for BBQing, or a BBQ sauce with a mustard base. I like the latter.
    Which side would you put this sauce on? It looks delicious and I like how it appears to have “set” nice on the chicken.

    • Brian, thanks! I was very pleased with how this one turned out. This sauce is very proud of its mustard roots, so I’m inclined to say the former. However, the mustard flavor blends in quite nicely into the meat.

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